March 10, 2019 Queost

What is mynt?

Mynt is a crypto currency built for the real world. Its fast, secure and low cost. It is designed to be an all in one currency facilitating many different uses in one coin.

It is built on the X16s algorithm and is proof of work. 30 second blocks means that Mynt can be sent fast anywhere around the world.

So what are you waiting for? Find out how to use Mynt below.

Get Mynt

Buy Mynt from an exchange such as Swiftex.

Mine Mynt with your pc by following this handy guide.

Recieve Mynt as a tip on our Discord by being active and helpful.

Compelte one of the Mynt Bounties posted in the discord.

Store Mynt

The official Mynt wallet is the safest place to store your Mynt.

Download the latest version of the Mynt wallet here, send your mynt to that address by copying your address into your exchange withdraw, miner address or receiving address.

Make sure you backend your Mynt wallet backup.dat file.

This wallet also support Mynt assets which are sub assets on the Mynt network and can be created inside the Mynt wallet itself.

Explore Mynt

View any transaction on the Mynt blockchain on the Mynt Block Explorer

You can see any address or transaction details by simply entering the address or tx in the search box. You can also see network stats such as total hash rate too.