March 4, 2019 Queost

What Is Mynt?

A Peer to Peer Electronic System for the Creation and Transfer of Assets

Mynt is currently a code fork of Ravencoins code base. We will continue to follow the developments of Raven whilst providing extra functionality and keeping up to date with important features regarding assets.

We are dedicated to being ASIC resistant and keeping the network out of the hands of being controlled by just a few entities. Mynt has recently forked away from ASICs already to keep true to this pledge.

Mynt appeals to GPU miners with this pledge. We aim to be a community orientated coin with our community helping guide the path of the coin and helping to develop its way. We aim to smash the barriers of entry to cryptocurrency  and make it easy to use for all to use.

So what makes Mynt work?

Mynt is a PoW (Proof of work) coin that runs on the X16s algorithm which is a shuffle based algorithm. This chooses a random order of 16 algorithms to help fight ASICs. Mynt is a Peer to Peer Electronic System for the Creation and Transfer of Assets. This means as well as being a standalone best buy soma hours crypto currency it also has the capacity to have assets and sub assets under it (See whitepaper for more info) It is designed to be mineable by mainly GPUs and with software such as the Mynt Mynr are pushing to make mining for the average joe far easier.

Technical stats are as follow:

  • 30 second blcok time
  • 250 mynt per block
  • X16s shuffle algorithm
  • First halving after 2 years and so on and so on
  • 1 billion max supply

So how do I mine Mynt?

Mynt is mineable on AMD, NVIDIA and CPU. You can find the software to mine Mynt here –

Simply download the latest wallet here – and then insert your wallet address into the .bat file inside the downloaded miner and begin

The Mynt Mynr is currently in beta

So what is in the future?

Mynt has a lot planned in the future and here are some of those plans:

  • Android & iOS wallets
  • Insight explorer
  • Lite desktop wallet
  • Twitch donation system use case
  • Mynt-ID


Currently there are only dektop wallets which can be found here –

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