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Fast, secure and low fee crypto currency

Created in 2018, Mynt is a decentralised, peer-to-peer, ASIC resistant community driven currency.  Mynts core values are Security, Speed, Low cost and Ease of use.

We strive to make a crypto currency that is actually used and is useful. We believe we have made a currency that can take on the big boys and win.

Decentralisation is key and being a community driven coin helps that. Anyone can develop and create for mynt.

  • Max Supply: 1 Billion Mynt
  • Algorithm: x16s
  • Launch Date: August 28, 2018
  • Block Time: 30 Seconds
  • Block Reward: 250 Mynt
Token Distribution
Token Features
currency features

Built For The Real World

Currency Features

Mynt is designed to be a used currency. This means speed, security and ease of use.

currency features

Built For Use

Mynt is designed to be used easily. This means user friendly apps and design. The MyntID system is key to this system.

Optimized For Fast Transactions

30 second blocls create a blistering fast netwrok of transactions

Open Source Software

Open source code means anyone can develop for mynt

Security Focused Design

Proof-of-work based security using the x16s algorithm

Token Features
Token Architecture


Mynt Software

Mynt strive to provide products that make crypto easy to use and understand for anyone. Here are some of our products


Mynt Mynr

The Mynt Mynr is the all in one mining software for mining mynt. Simply download, enter your address and go.

Mynt Desktop Wallets

Mynt has a variety of desktop wallets for Windows, Mac & Linux. This is the best way to store your Mynt.

Mynt Block Explorer

The Mynt block Explorer allows you to look at any wallet on the Mynt blockchain to look at balances and transactions.

Token Architecture
The Founders

The Team

We Work To Innovate

The Mynt team is a collection of people with a variety of experience.

the team

Adam (Queost)

Project Leader

Adam is the Project Leader behind Mynt & Swiftex. The brains behind the ideas. He has worked alongside the coins Vertcoin and Groestlcoin on their marketing teams.


Joe (Dreaded)

Lead Developer

Joe is the Lead Developer behind Mynt & Swiftex. He makes the ideas reality. He has made a variety of crypto themed applications including peer to peer donations on

the team
The Founders
Advisors and Investors


Mynt Blog

Keep up to date with out latest news and software updates

Advisors and Investors
Token Roadmap


Mynt Tech Roadmap

This is an overview of our bigger plans. More smaller plans may be deployed too.

Q3 2018

Mynt Launch

Mynt Launched its chain in August 2018

Q1 2019

Mynt Anti Asic Fork

Asics were active on the Mynt Network. This fork changed the algorithm.

Q2 2019

Beta Release of Match

Open Bounty Program
Improved Mynr

Token Roadmap



And we’re just getting started.


Swiftex is an exchange built and run by the mynt developers themselves. It contains Mynt pairs with other altcoins and a mynt/btc pair.

The Press

The Goal

We want to achieve a alot with Mynt.

Here are some of our plans to help us achieve this

our goal

Our goal here at Mynt is simple. Make a globally adopted, easy to use, fast and secure currency. Okay it’s not simple but we have a plan.

We aim to provide software that bridges the complicity of crypto with the ease of use of your typical payment methods. Crypto is confusing let’s make it simpler.

These are some of our plans.

  • MyntID - Username Ease Of Use
  • Mynt Mynr - One Click Mining Solution
  • Mobile - Apps for crypto on the go
our goal
The Press
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